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Did you know?

  • Did you know that … hot water freezes faster than cold water when placed inside the freezer


  • Did you know that … the famous painter Picasso was able to paint before he learned to walk as the first word of her pronunciation was rarely


  • Did you know that … A Chinese emperor discovered tea by chance in 2737 BC, when some tea leaves fell in a bowl filled with hot water


  • Did you know that … before 1913 passenger planes were not equipped with latrines and air travelers had to catch themselves until landing


  • Did you know that … There are about 6,000 species of reptiles in the world, 73 thousand species of spiders, 3,000 species of lice, 4600 species of mammals and 9,000 species of birds


  • Did you know that … cash papers are made not of paper but mainly of a special mixture of cotton and linen


  • Did you know that … the length of the forearm of a person is always equal to the length of his foot


  • Did you know that … Bee flapping its wings at a rate of 350 times per second


  • Did you know that … The majority of vitamin C found in oranges is concentrated in the crusts


  • Did you know that … Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is the second richest woman in the world with a fortune of 5.2 billion dollars


  • Did you know that … the giraffe can clean her ears with her tongue, which reaches 140 centimeters


  • Did you know that … There are about one billion aerobic bikes in the world


  • Did you know that … The outer crust of the earth is about 4.5 million years old, but its thickness ranges from 25 to 500 kilometers

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