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ESPN president says network will not air national anthem

BRISTOL, CONN. – ESPN won’t demonstrate the national song of praise amid “Monday Night Football” communicates this year, the organization’s leader said on Friday.

Jimmy Pitaro tended to the discussion at ESPN’s yearly football media day.

Pitaro was inquired as to whether he addressed the NFL about the lead changes and the national song of devotion and in the event that he would consider “turning the cameras on a competitor that is stopping for the hymn.”


“We, by and large, have not communicated the song of praise and I don’t believe there will be any change this year. Our arrangement going into this year is to not communicate the song of devotion,” Pitaro said.

“Once more, there could be changes. It’s fairly eccentric what will occur on the planet yet starting at now our arrangement currently is to not communicate the song of devotion. We have imparted that back to the NFL. They have not asked but rather we proactively similarly as a politeness and as great accomplices let them comprehend what our plans are,” he proceeded.

The system additionally did not air the national song of devotion amid last season’s “Monday Night Football” communicates.

Stephanie Druley, ESPN’s senior VP of occasion and studio creation, said the system demonstrated the national song of devotion three times a year ago: after Hurricane Harvey’s obliteration, the Las Vegas slaughter and President Trump’s remarks on the national hymn dissents.

At the point when solicited what the most off-base recognition from ESPN is, Pitaro said it was marking the system a “political association.”

“That we’re a political association since we are most certainly not. We are a games media organization. We are continually going to cover the crossing point amongst games and governmental issues,” he said.



He kept on clarifying that the system secured things that were “newsworthy.”

“We are the place of record for sports when something happens when the Eagles are disinvited to the White House, we will cover that. When somebody takes a knee and we believe it’s newsworthy we will cover it. Be that as it may, we must be the place of record,” he clarified.

ESPN’s leader said he was not stressed in regards to losing an agreement with the NFL, saying the media outlet and the alliance have a “solid relationship.”

“We need to be ready to go with the NFL and I trust they need to be ready to go with us. We’re idealistic about not just about the following four years but rather for the long haul organization.”

The comments come a long time after the NFL embraced an arrangement that would fine groups and alliance faculty who don’t “stand and show regard for the banner and the Anthem.” However, the approach was put on hold as the NFL and NFL Players’ Association arranged the methodology.

The stooping activated furious discussions and feedback from Trump. The challenges were begun by previous San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick amid the 2016-17 NFL season contrary to police fierceness.

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